How to register for MedU virtual patient cases

Posted: 07 Jun 19:36

Shauni Y - Dec 2013



Also visit our Subscribe page for more information on the benefits of subscription.


For individual subscribers:

Individual subscribers register and pay for MedU virtual patient cases on their own.

Follow the individual subscription instructions to purchase an individual subscription and receive an individual Login and Password.


For institutional subscribers:

Institutional subscribers access MedU virtual patient cases through their institution's account. 

For instructors:

Instructors can now self register just as the students do.  At the top of any MedU page, click the "Sign in" button.  Then click "register" and select the option to be an instructor.  Follow the prompts and complete your profile.

Once you register, an email will be sent to the MedU Course Administrator (MCA) at your institution.  If you do not know who the MCA is for your institution, contact support. The MCA will approve or deny your registration giving you access to the courses you requested.  You will be notified via email if your request is approved or rejected. 


For students:

You are required to self-register for access to MedU. After registering, you will receive an email from “” with a subject line of "iInTIME New Account". Select the embedded link in this email to complete the registration process.


  • MedU offers a single sign-on interface allowing users to use one login and password for all cases to which your institution subscribes.
  • If you are currently registered for MedU cases, please do not attempt to register a second time.
  • In most cases, your login is your institutional email address and a self-selected password.
  • If you registered prior to December 2008, you do not need to re-register.  Simply use your existing login.  (An existing login may be your last name followed by a hyphen and the first two letters of your first name, ex: smith-jo).
  • During your registration, if you do not receive the “iInTIME New Account” email, please check your spam filter.

To Register:

  • Click the "Sign In" link at the top right of any MedU page.
  • Click the "register" button."
  • The iInTIME Virtual Patient cases - Registration page opens. Provide your personal information in the prompts. Important: Students MUST use your institutional email address. If you are registering as an instructor, you may use any email address.
  • Review and accept the Site User Terms and Conditions.
  • Type the security password appearing in the lower window. Click Send.
  • You will receive an email from "" with a link to confirm your registration. By clicking this link, you will finalize the registration process.

Note: If you are not able to register using your institutional email address, please contact support.