Elyse Y - June 2014

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Simulated Internal Medicine Patient Learning Experience (SIMPLE) is MedU's virtual patient program for the internal medicine clerkship.

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SIMPLE’s 36 interactive virtual patient cases are designed to encompass the learning objectives of the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM)-Society for General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Core Medicine Clerkship Curriculum Guide Version 3.0 comprehensively. Although designed for use by third-year medical students, SIMPLE is an excellent learning tool for many other health care professionals.

SIMPLE instructors should be aware that an fmCASES subscription includes 5 CLIPP and 2 SIMPLE cases, so they may occasionally encounter students who have had prior exposure to an assigned case.

  • Case 1: 49-year-old man with chest pain - Mr. Monson (Martin Muntz, M.D. Medical College of Wisconsin)

  • Case 2: 60-year-old woman with episodic chest discomfort – Ms. Johnston (Mark Allee, M.D. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center)

  • Case 3: 54-year-old woman with syncope - Mrs. Koda (Alpesh Amin, M.D. University of California Irvine School of Medicine)

  • Case 4: 67-year-old woman with shortness of breath and leg swelling - Mrs. Rivers (Parekha Yedla, M.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  • Case 5: 55-year-old man with fatigue – Mr. Kish (Klara K. Papp, PhD Case Western Reserve University)

  • Case 6: 45-year-old man with hypertension – Mr. Hicks (Jenny Wright, M.D. University of Washington)

  • Case 7: 28-year-old woman with lightheadedness - Ms. Williams (Eric Goren, M.D. University of Pennsylvania)

  • Case 8: 55-year-old man with type 2 diabetes mellitus - Mr. Morales (Cynthia A. Burns, M.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine)

  • Case 9: 55-year-old woman with upper abdominal pain and vomiting – Mrs. Turner (Monica Shaw, M.D. University of Louisville School of Medicine)

  • Case 10: 48-year-old woman with diarrhea and dizziness - Ms. Blake (Amy Blatt, M.D. University of Rochester)

  • Case 11: 45-year-old man with abnormal LFTs – Mr. Chapman (formerly case 11a) (Alita Mishra, M.D. VCU School of Medicine)

  • Case 12: 55-year-old man with lower abdominal pain – Mr. Wilson (Shobhina Chheda, M.D. University of Wisconsin School of Medicine)

  • Case 13: 65-year-old woman seen for annual physical – Mrs. Thompson (Carlos Palacio, M.D. University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville)

  • Case 14: 18-year-old woman seen for a pre-college physical – Ms. Pham (Keith Hamilton, M.D. University of Pennsylvania Health Systems)
  • Case 15: 50-year-old man with cough and nasal congestion - Mr. Taleb (Jennifer Bierman, M.D. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

  • Case 16: 45-year-old man with obesity - Mr. James (Nora L. Porter, M.D. Saint Louis University School of Medicine)

  • Case 17: 28-year-old male with rash - Mr. Moeller (Cynthia H. Ledford, M.D.; Shannon Campbell Trotter, D.O., FAOCD Ohio State University College of Medicine; Ohio State University Comprehesive Cancer Center)

  • Case 18: 75-year-old man with memory problems - Mr. Caldwell (Gretchen Diemer, M.D. Jefferson University)

  • Case 19: 42-year-old woman with anemia - Ms. Winters (Jessica Salt, M.D. Jefferson University)

  • Case 20: 48-year-old woman with HIV - Ms. Hunt (Irene Alexandraki, M.D. University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville)

  • Case 21: 78-year-old man with fever, lethargy and anorexia - Mr. Ramirez (Joseph T. Wayne, M.D. Albany Medical College)

  • Case 22: 71-year-old man with cough and fatigue - Mr. Groszek (David Bamberger, M.D. University of Missouri, Kansas City

  • Case 23: 54-year-old woman with fatigue - Ms. Torres (Pamela Fall, M.D. Medical College of Georgia)

  • Case 24: 52-year-old female with headache, vomiting, and fever - Mrs. Cole (Gary Ferenchick, M.D. Michigan State University College of Human Medicine)

  • Case 25: 75-year-old hospitalized woman with confusion - Mrs. Kohn (Sarang Kim, M.D. UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

  • Case 26: 58-year-old man with altered mental status - Mr. Johnson (Katherine Chretien, M.D. George Washington University School of Medicine)

  • Case 27: 65-year-old man with back pain - Mr. Strout (Deborah DeWaay, M.D. Medical University of South Carolina)

  • Case 28: 70-year-old man with shortness of breath and leg swelling - Mr. Honig (William F. Kelly, M.D. Uniformed Services University of the Health Services)

  • Case 29: 55-year-old woman with fever and chills – Mrs. Kapoor (H. Douglas Walden, M.D. Saint Louis University School of Medicine)

  • Case 30: 55-year-old woman with left leg swelling - Ms. Bond (Susan T. Hingle, M.D. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine)

  • Case 31: 40-year-old man with knee pain - Mr. Nelson (Amit Shah, M.D. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

  • Case 32: 39-year-old woman with joint pain - Ms. Dickerson (Kevin M. McKown, M.D. University of Wisconsin Medical School)

  • Case 33: 49-year-old woman with confusion - Mrs. Baxter (Harold Szerlip, M.D. University of Arizona College of Medicine)

  • Case 34: 55-year-old man with acute low back pain - Mr. Farber (Lin Brown, M.D. Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth)

  • Case 35: 35-year-old female with three weeks of fever - Ms. Jankowski (Temple Ratcliffe, M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Services)

  • Case 36: 45-year-old man with ascites – Mr. Berlusconi (formerly case 11b) (John Walker, M.D. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)