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Published: Comparison of Textbook to fmCASES on Family Medicine

MedU collaborators have their article published within Family Medicine 2014;46(3):174-9

Comparison of Textbook to fmCASES on Family Medicine Clerkship Exam Performance

Summary:  The use of online learning with virtual cases has become commonplace in medical education. A series of fmCASES has been developed to assist with learning for clerkship students in family medicine. It has not been shown whether this series of cases improves student learning during their clerkship compared to traditional learning modalities.

An intervention study was designed to replace the traditional family medicine clerkship textbook with the fmCASES curriculum at one medical school. The principal investigators then compared two consecutive cohorts of family medicine clerkship students by examining their performance on overall and small groups of exam questions at the end of the clerkship. Using a set of online cases to replace a traditional textbook did not change overall performance on the end-of-clerkship assessment. However, the findings suggest that students demonstrated proficiency in answering questions that came from the sources they studied from. This finding should be considered when curricula transition to greater use of online learning resources.


Contributers to the article include: Mario P. DeMarco, MD, MPH; Kent D.W. Bream, MD; Heather A. Klusaritz, PhD, MSW; Katherine Margo, MD (fmCASES Editorial Board member)