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CLIPP Grant Recipient Announced

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 CLIPP small grant recipient!  We had a positive response to the initial Request for Proposals and are funding one proposal this year.  For more information on the CLIPP Grant, visit the MedU Grants page.

Comparing CLIPP Web-based Learning versus Using Review Article Pre-reading in Evaluating the Performance of Medical Students in Simulation Skills and Knowledge

Principal Investigator: Hena Akhtar, MD (Winthrop Children’s Medical Center)

With advancement in technology, the question arises: which method would learners accumulate and retain knowledge the best? Is it through e-learning or review article reading? This study introduces learners to the knowledge and skills required to assess children with respiratory distress based on the history and physical exam, synthesize the information into appropriate diagnosis in determining the etiology and formulate management plan by randomizing them into the e-learning and reading review articles as a pre-assignment to determine via which method does learning occur the best. The hypotheses is that a learner using e-learning will obtain 15 points higher performance scores as compared to those assigned to review articles reading.