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New Courses! Culture in Health Care and Medical Home

 We are excited to announce two new MedU courses, Culture in Health Care and Medical Home. These expanded offerings on critical topics in contemporary health care will prepare tomorrow's doctors for a transformed health care system.


Both courses set the stage for active learning and rich class discussion and encompass in-depth teaching about such foundational health care skills as interpersonal and communication skills, systems-based practice, and professionalism. Although the cases were written for pediatric health care, the course content is broadly applicable.

What you can find in the new courses

Culture in Health Care presents patients whose culture differs from that of the provider and learner, challenging them to maximize the common ground between differing perspectives in order to ensure quality care. The cases teach fundamental cross-cultural skills and provide a variety of practical tools designed for use in the clinical learning environment as well.

Medical Home guides learners toward a better understanding of several topics critical to the effective delivery of care for children with complex medical illnesses within the medical home model, including creating a family-centered partnership and assisting families in navigating the healthcare system.

Readings and Tools are located in The Library area of the website and may be accessed throughout the case.

All tools are mobile-compatible for easy use in clinic and at the bedside. Students can access whenever and wherever needed for patient care!  

These two courses will remain free to those that subscribe to any MedU course.