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MedU, ACP and AAIM Collaborate on High Value Care Curriculum

Transforming Medical Education: MedU, ACP and AAIM Collaborate on High Value Care Curriculum For Medical Students.


Lebanon, New Hampshire - MedU is collaborating with the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) on an online interactive course that brings high value care concepts to medical students everywhere. This new course is an extension of the ACP and AAIM High Value Care (HVC) Curriculum for Residents that has been downloaded over 22,500 times since its release in July 2012 and is being used by over 130 residency programs nationally. Grant funding for this extended curriculum project was provided by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the ABIM Foundation, and the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM). ACPs High Value Care initiative is designed to help doctors and patients understand the benefits, harms, and costs of tests and treatment options for common clinical issues so they can pursue care together that improves health, avoids harms, and eliminates wasteful practices.

Health care is changing. Health care education must accelerate that change, and by partnering with top medical and research organizations, MedU is taking a giant step towards solving the nation’s most vexing health care challenges and creating more well-prepared providers. In addition to the high value care course, MedU is developing a series of new course offerings under the umbrella of “Population Health” that fully integrate with its existing virtual patient cases. These expanded course offerings on critical topics will prepare tomorrow’s doctors for a reimagined health care system.

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MedU will deliver an online curriculum that incorporates active learning strategies and enables students to learn about high value care in a clinical context at a convenient time and place.

The new online interactive course launches in July and includes 6 modules on topics that include:

  • Defining Value: Why Clinical Reasoning Matters
  • Preventive Care and Value
  • Medications and Value
  • High Value Care on Rounds
  • How Health Insurance Works
  • Statistics and Clinical Decision-Making



MedU is conducting a rigorous multi-institutional research study to evaluate the impact of this new curriculum on medical students’ attitudes toward high value care and their ability to incorporate high value care concepts into their clinical decision-making.  


About MedU

MedU is the leading provider of virtual patient cases for medical education. MedU is more than virtual patient cases – it is hundreds of medical educators and students engaging across disciplines to bring continuous innovation in medical education directly to learners and colleagues. The proven leader in online medical education:

  • 90% adoption by North American medical schools
  • Five core disciplines
  • Over 29,000 new students and 1 million cases completed annually
  • 130 virtual patient cases

“The broad reach of MedU enables us to begin tackling important issues in health care education and population health. The MedU platform makes it easy for medical schools and students alike to access cross-disciplinary course content, assessment tools, and learning analytics.” --- Norman Berman, MD and MedU co-founder. Our work continues.  In addition to expanding our course offerings, we intend to expand our network of collaborators.


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