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fmCASES Publication in Teaching and Learning in Medicine


MedU and fmCASES collaborators have their abstract published within Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2014;26(2):201-202.


Their abstract for "fmCASES National Exam: Correlations With Student Performance Across Eight Family Medicine Clerkships," is published within Robinson, M. and M. D. Mendoza (2014). "Proceedings of the 2013 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Conference on Medical Student Education."

Contributers to the abstract include: Chessman A, Chirina S, Mainous AG III, Anthony D, Chao J, Foltz J, Motley C, Renshaw S, Sussman H, Toffler W, Napier B, Romano L, Leong SL, Fall L, Berman N.