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Doctor Coach Publication in Academic Medicine


MedU collaborators, Leslie Fall, MD (MedU Co-Founder), and Kimberly Gifford, MD, have their publication about the Doctor Coach framework in Academic Medicine: 2014: 89: 2: 272–276.


Doctor Coach: A Deliberate Practice Approach to Teaching and Learning Clinical Skills

Summary: The rapidly evolving medical education landscape requires restructuring the approach to teaching and learning across the continuum of medical education. The deliberate practice strategies used to coach learners in disciplines beyond medicine can also be used to train medical learners. However, these deliberate strategies are not explicitly taught in most medical schools or residencies.

Drs. Fall and Gifford designed the Doctor Coach framework and competencies in 2007-2008 as the foundation for new faculty development and resident-as-teacher programs. The programs model a deliberate practice approach that promotes the continuous integration of newly developed coaching competencies by participants into their daily practice. 

Early evaluation demonstrated the feasibility and efficacy of implementing the Doctor Coach framework across the continuum of medical education. Additional institutions have applied the framework and competencies to develop their own coaching programs. Next steps include the design of a multisource evaluation tool based on the coaching competencies.

Citation details: Gifford KA and Fall LH. Doctor Coach: A Deliberate Practice Approach to Teaching Clinical Skills. Academic Medicine. 2014:89(2):272-6.


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