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MedU Partners with Top Addiction Specialists on Substance Use Disorders Curriculum

 Transforming Medical Education: MedU Partners with Top Addiction Specialists to Bring Substance Use Disorders Curriculum to Medical Students


Lebanon, New Hampshire - MedU is partnering with world-class addiction treatment organizations to address the growing problem of substance use disorders and addiction facing society and the health care system. Due to the lack of formal medical education that deals with substance use disorders and addiction, the majority of physicians practicing in the U.S. are not adequately prepared to assess, intervene, manage or medicate the 20-50% of their current patients (depending on the medical specialty area) who have active substance use problems.

In collaboration with the Betty Ford Center (a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and the Treatment Research Institute (TRI), MedU is developing a course to integrate this much needed training into existing medical education curriculae. The Course on Addiction and Recovery Education (CARE), will be available through MedU in July 2014.

Creation of an Online Medical School Course

There is currently no standard course on substance use disorders and very few medical schools have the faculty or resources to develop a quality course on their own. To meet this need, MedU developed a web-based course for medical students comprised of 12 video modules and 3 virtual patient cases. Each lesson is devoted to an important topic in addiction and substance use disorders and is presented by a nationally renowned expert in the field. Each interactive virtual patient case presents a common clinical scenario to bring the content of the videos to life. 

These modules are designed to be flexible, either used together as a course or as stand-alone segments that are part of other medical courses. The course is targeted at medical students, and the modular design allows for integration at any point in the medical school curriculum.

"There is a widely recognized need for substance use disorder education in medical schools. Properly trained physicians could not only better serve the most seriously addicted patients, but they could also significantly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of general healthcare by identifying and intervening with lower severity substance use problems that so often co-occur in the patients with chronic illnesses, injuries and other conditions. This course is a huge step forward in advancing medical education on addiction. We firmly believe that thousands of alcoholics and addicts will receive the proper recommendation from their physician and the help they so badly need through this important initiative." ---Joseph Skrajewski, Director of Medical Education at the Betty Ford Center, a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.


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Healthcare is changing. Healthcare education must accelerate that change, and by partnering with top medical and research organizations, MedU is taking a giant step towards solving the nation’s most vexing health care challenges and creating more well-prepared providers. In addition to CARE, MedU is developing a series of new course offerings under the umbrella of “Population Health” that fully integrate with its existing virtual patient cases. These expanded course offerings on critical topics will prepare tomorrow’s doctors for a reimagined health care system.


About MedU

MedU is the leading provider of virtual patient cases for medical education. MedU is more than virtual patient cases – it is hundreds of medical educators and students engaging across disciplines to bring continuous innovation in medical education directly to learners and colleagues. The proven leader in online medical education:

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“The broad reach of MedU enables us to begin tackling important issues in health care education and population health. The MedU platform makes it easy for medical schools and students alike to access cross-disciplinary course content, assessment tools, and learning analytics.” ---Norman Berman, MD and MedU co-founder. Our work continues. In addition to expanding our course offerings, we intend to expand our network of collaborators.



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