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MedU Goes Mobile!

MedU 2.0, released in July 2013, introduced new user interface technology to make our content available to users on any web-connected device.  The new release optimizes information presentation and navigation to the capabilities of your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, or even your big screen TV.  As you can see, MedU's home page adapts itself from a laptop display to an iPhone without losing any content or navigation features: 

MedU home page on laptop and iPhone


Navigation within the CLIPP, CORE, fmCASES and SIMPLE courses has also been tuned for use on smartphones and tablets with the introduction of custom navigation bars and optimized presentation. The view even changes when you rotate your mobile device from landscape to portrait.

clippOniPadLandscape   clippOniPadPortrait

CLIPP case 17 on an iPad in landscape and portrait modes


A new mobile navigation bar and icons control access to all MedU course features.  The following image highlights these new tools.


Case navigation tools on mobile devices


MedU consistently strives to optimize our products to take advantage of the new opportunities presented as technology evolves.  We hope these new features expand "anywhere, anytime" access and enhance student learning.