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November 2012 Newsletter


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MedU Annual Meeting

MedU / iInTIME Initiatives
CLIPP computer assisted learning paper published
SIMPLE at the 2012 CDIM Meeting
iInTIME Staffing News

MedU Annual Meeting

September 18-20
Denver, Colorado

MedU staff and MedU Editorial Board members convened in the “mile high city” to focus on this year’s theme, cognitive improvement. MedU's strategic vision (effective integration of MedU into the clinical curriculum and engagement of students and educators in teaching and learning) and MedU project grants presentations were featured in addition to the inaugural offering of continuing medical education credits.

Kick-off speaker: Itiel Dror, Ph.D. - Brain-Friendly Learning:  How to maximize the effectiveness of virtual patients in medical education
Dr. Dror, Principal Consultant and Researcher at Cognitive Consultants International (ICI), inspired attendees by his review of MedU’s virtual cases and call to action to reduce cognitive load and improve learning tools to increase overall cognition. This topic informed the remainder of the meeting and proposals for this year’s work.

SIMPLE’s Key Features Exam development and validation
Dr. Valerie Lang (SIMPLE Editor-in-Chief) and Dr. Amy Holthouser (SIMPLE Editorial Board) presented their work. The Key Features Exam format is a novel and validated method of assessing clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making. The SIMPLE Key Features Exam will be available for broad use in the next academic year.

MedU Fellows’ whiteboard video workshop
MedU 2012-2013 Inaugural Student Fellows* gave a motivating and real-time tutorial about whiteboard videos for flipping classrooms, work that is done on their MedU-sponsored student-forum initiative, Underground Med.
*Fellows: Leo Liu (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, ’13), Whitney de Luna (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, ’13), and Sharath Bhagavatula (NYU ’13).

MedU / iInTIME Initiatives

MedU / iInTIME initiatives for the coming year will harness Dr. Dror’s inspiration to focus on educator (teaching) integration and student (learning) integration. This work will include: Defining focused instructional goals, implementing cognitive improvements, implementing the new clinical reasoning interface; developing mobile apps, upgrading our website and Instructors' Area; instructor development materials; the MedU Annual Survey; and other communications initiatives.

CLIPP computer assisted learning paper published

Congratulations to MedU collaborators, Karen Schifferdecker, Ph.D., MPH (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College) and Dr. Martin Fischer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany), and Editors-in-Chief of MedU, Dr. Norm Berman and Dr. Leslie Fall, for the publication of their work in Medical Education 2012: 46: 1063-1073.

Adoption of computer-assisted learning in medical education: the educators’ perspective.
Summary: This mixed-methods explanatory study examines the key elements and processes that led to the widespread adoption of the Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP) in undergraduate medical education, and then considers the relative importance of elements drawn from existing theories and models for technology adoption to inform the future development, implementation and testing of CAL programs in medical education.

Factors that facilitated adoption included CLIPP's ability to fill gaps in exposure to core clinical problems, the use of a national curriculum, development by CDs, and the meeting of CDs' desires to improve teaching and student learning. An additional facilitating factor was that little time and effort were needed to implement CLIPP within a clerkship. This study indicates issues that are important in the consideration and future exploration of the development and implementation of CAL programs in medical education. Important questions that remain on the optimal design, use and integration of CAL should be addressed in order to adequately inform future development. Support is needed for studies that address these critical areas.

SIMPLE at the 2012 CDIM National Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona
October 10-14, 2012

Members of the Simulated Internal Medicine Patient Learning Experience (SIMPLE) Editorial Board* led a workshop at the 2012 CDIM National Meeting. Beyond the Virtual Patient: New SIMPLE Features to Enhance Your Course or Clerkship. This well-attended workshop included break-out groups to discuss the purpose and integration strategies of three innovations to supplement the SIMPLE cases: Key Features Exam, Short n' SIMPLE, and Summary Statement Feedback.
*Workshop Presenters:
SIMPLE Editors-in-Chief:  Dr. Valerie J. Lang and Dr. L. James Nixon
SIMPLE Editorial Board members: Dr. Kirk Bronander, Dr. Anne Eacker, Dr. Amy Holthouser, Dr. Jennifer Kogan, and Dr. Regina Kovach.
MedU Collaborators: Dr. Heather Harrell and Dr. Susan Hingle

iInTIME Staffing News

In September, we said farewell to Erin Langille (Project Coordinator for fmCASES and CORE) and Audra Bucklin (Project Coordinator for CLIPP and SIMPLE) as they pursued other professional endeavors. We welcomed Elyse Payson and Leah Romano, Project Managers responsible for cross-discipline initiatives focusing on student integration and instructor integration. Elyse Payson joins us from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center with a background in Practice Management and Process Improvement. Leah Romano, who is pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education, joins us from Dartmouth College with a background in Project Management and International Education.