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Cognitive Improvements

In the decade since MedU first began developing virtual patients, educational research has significantly advanced our understanding of how to present content that is "brain-friendly". During the 2012-2013 academic year, MedU is incorporating some of these evidence-based practices by changing the presentation, but not the content, of our cases. See how we are integrating these cognitive improvements into MedU courses.


In response to student and faculty feedback, we have been making improvements to our cases. Since the beginning of 2013, a few cases in each course were selectively modified.

  • We are piloting two cases in each of the following courses (SIMPLE, CLIPP, and fmCASES).
  • Changes do not alter curricular content.
  • Student log data is not affected.
  • Modifications are based on proved multimedia learning theory.

Student feedback has been solicited via survey at the end of each case.  To date, we have received approximately 2000 student responses. We are analyzing student feedback to ensure the appropriateness of our direction.