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Students are engaging!

Early data show student engagement increasing since the July 1 release of MedU 2.0.

Since the July 1 release of MedU 2.0, students have had real-time feedback on their level of engagement in the case, incorporating both process and outcome performance into a simple "green-yellow-red" traffic light indicator at the top of every page.  As expected from our pre-release testing, the early data from the first week of July showed significant engagement, with 72% of the students (n=7349) receiving a green response at the end of the case, 26% receiving a yellow response and 2% were completely unengaged.  

By week 5, a week during which more than 16,000 cases were completed, the engagement had shifted up significantly with more than 86% of students receiving a green response and 12% receiving yellow.  The same 2% raced through the case or were otherwise unengaged with the content.  Since then, the numbers have held steady.