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High Value Care grant to MedU and ACP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Lebanon, New Hampshire

MedU and the American College of Physicians’ High Value Care Curriculum receives grant support

With the help of grants from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM), and the ABIM Foundation, MedU and the American College of Physicians (ACP) will collaborate to create an online interactive curriculum that brings High Value Care (HVC) concepts to medical students everywhere.

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Including Cost Effectiveness in Medical School Curricula

Thirty percent of U.S. health care costs have been attributed to care that is of little value, or worse, potentially harmful. The quality of care in the U.S. lags care in other developed nations. How can we reverse these trends? By including a HVC curriculum in every medical school education. Medical students must understand how their decisions about diagnostic testing, care management, and other interventions affect the costs and efficacy of care.

"The earlier we start teaching the fundamentals of healthcare value to future physicians the more successful we will be in changing practice and promoting stewardship of limited healthcare resources. " --Cynthia D. Smith, M.D., FACP


Working to End One-Size-Fits-All Medicine

The innovative online case-based HVC curriculum builds on the program for residents developed by the ACP and AAIM. Their ten small group discussions are centered on real patient cases and analysis of their actual medical bills. This HVC curriculum is currently used in 66 residency programs across the U.S. The program announced today will extend the ACP/AAIM HVC program to medical students.

“Medical students are hungry to learn more about the costs of care so they can make decisions that incorporate their patients’ wishes and provide the best value to them as individuals.“  --Valerie J. Lang, M.D., Project Director


Overcoming Barriers to High Value Health Care Education

MedU will deliver an online curriculum that teaches cost-effective decision-making, incorporates active learning strategies, and enables students to learn about high value care in a clinical context, at a convenient time and place. The HVC curriculum will be linked into critical decision-making points of over 130 MedU virtual patient cases. Six interactive online modules based on the HVC curriculum will use the MedU platform to disseminate this essential content. Each module will include a brief video, short interactive virtual patient cases, and embedded links so that students can apply principles from the HVC modules to other cases. Student reactions and attitudes to the HVC curriculum will be evaluated during a three-month trial of 2,000 students during their internal medicine clerkships.

“Leveraging MedU's existing broad reach into clinical education to teach this critically important topic is a great way for MedU to further its mission to transform healthcare education. We believe this program can bend the cost curve by influencing the next generation of health care professionals to provide the highest value care to the broadest population.” --Norm Berman, M.D., MedU Co-Founder  

The effort to adapt HVC Curriculum for medical students is being led by Valerie J. Lang, M.D., Norm Berman, M.D., Cynthia D. Smith, M.D., of the American College of Physicians (ACP), and MedU.  


Doing What We Do Best

Over 150 medical schools and 25,000 new students each year have chosen MedU as their primary source for self-directed, independent learning—anytime, anywhere. Why? Because our virtual patient cases are clear, concise, and easy to use. Our worldwide consortium of medical educators uses current research and cutting-edge technology to transform health care education.

The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation’s President’s Grants are awarded each year to projects that provide new curriculum content for health professional education, new models for clinical education, career development in health professions education and inter-professional education and teamwork, and education for the care of underserved populations.

The ABIM Foundation funds projects that advance medical professionalism to improve healthcare. The ABIM Foundation is the convening organization for the highly acclaimed national Choosing Wisely campaign and hopes that this novel curriculum will help instill the importance of stewardship in our next generation of physicians.


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