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MedU & Physician Assistants Join Forces

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Lebanon, New Hampshire

Physician Assistant (PA) programs across the country are using MedU’s platform to improve, broaden, and enhance Physician Assistant education. Used in innovative ways in their curricula, these cases improve patient care, increase diversity in all aspects of PA education and practice, and help to improve and strengthen integrated health care teams.



Our Platform

Over 150 medical education programs and 25,000 new students each year have chosen MedU as their primary source for self-directed, independent learning—anytime, anywhere. Why? Because our virtual patient cases are clear, concise, and easy to use. Our worldwide consortium of medical educators uses current research and cutting-edge technology to transform health care education.

“Healthcare needs to change. Healthcare education must accelerate that change. How can we do this? MedU courses can ‘flip the classroom,’ freeing up scarce teaching time for active, patient-centered learning.  Our ongoing content expansion will add critical population health topics including high value care, preventative care and substance abuse that will prepare tomorrow’s providers for a reimagined health care system.” –Norman Berman, MD, MedU Co-founder



Our virtual patient cases are essential in helping the next generation of medical practitioners to develop critical reasoning, diagnostic, and communication skills. Created to cover nationally developed primary care curricula, the cases provide opportunities to practice and learn across both the task areas and organ systems dimensions of the PANCE exam Content Blueprint. PA programs have used MedU cases to meet the following accreditation standards: medical care across the life span; women’s health; care for conditions requiring surgical management; care for behavioral and mental health conditions.


Physician Assistant educators are already using MedU cases in a variety of innovative ways:

“The Penn State College of Medicine has adopted the MedU cases in order to serve as a safety net for physician assistant students who might have an entire rotation in one of the areas and not have an exposure to one of the particular case areas that is covered by MedU. Students are more actively engaged working through the cases than they are with merely reading about these cases in a traditional textbook. Student engagement is an important element which supports learning.” --Christine Bruce, PA-C, Program Director, Penn State College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

“We have incorporated the cases into our students' clinical year as an alternative form of study. More application means more retention
in preparation for PANCE. Students are required to complete five cases for the designated rotation
before they return to campus for a “call back day.” Completion of all five cases 
contributes 10 points (of 100 total points) to their rotation assignment 
grade. So far the response has
been positive--very few problems and students seem to like them.” –Miranda Collins, MEd, MPAS, PA-C, Interim Program Director, Associate Professor, Marietta College

“We are using the cases for our Student Success Committee - selected specifically for the rotations that the students are currently in. These students are considered at risk for passing boards--so we are working in different ways with each one to ensure that we meet their learning styles and needs.” –Nadia Miniclier, MS, PA-C, Associate Director of Clinical Affairs, Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine 

In 2011 MedU introduced virtual patient cases to second year students at the Franklin Pierce Physician Assistant Program. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as these:

  • “I was given the opportunity to follow a case, make decisions about diagnosis and care, and get immediate feedback. It was better than some of my rotations!” 
  • “The cases were challenging and realistic!”
  • “I learned so much that I went back to the site to review more cases even though they weren’t assigned!”

“Our mission is transforming medical education. Tomorrow’s health care system will require a broader spectrum of providers integrated in new ways to optimize patient health outcomes. MedU’s cross-disciplinary course content, assessment tools, learning analytics and faculty resources are developed to support easy program integration, individualized learning and standardized outcomes. The MedU platform can bolster the training required to support the expanded role of physician assistants in tomorrow’s transformed health care system.” Norman Berman, MD, MedU Co-founder


Test Drive Our Platform

MedU is happy to provide a free trial subscription and access to our broad set of supporting resources to potential subscribing programs. This is a great way for educators to check out the cases and the Educators’ Toolbox. MedU will be at the PAEA Annual Conference in Memphis, TN, Oct. 16-20, 2013. Visit us at booth 27 in the Exhibit Hall or contact us to start your free trial.



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