Updated Virtual Case Experience

New Learning Management System
Available June 2017

MedU is proud to announce the release of our new learning management system. Coming in June, 2017 MedU’s leading virtual patient courses will be available via a new LMS offering an improved user experience including streamlined navigation, new mobile access, and updated reporting and administration.

Same High Quality Case Content

You’ll find the same continuously updated case content, derived from nationally accepted core curricula, developed and peer-reviewed by our consortium of medical educators, and used by over 200,000 students to date at over 200 medical institutions worldwide.

New LMS LaptopNew Anytime/Anywhere Access

Our new native mobile responsive design allows students to access and work on their cases with the same great learning experience anytime/anywhere, on- or offline, in clinic, on the train, at home, or in a coffee shop, on any Apple or Android device.

Streamlined Navigation and Learner interface

A more intuitive content flow streamlines the student learning experience while delivering the same support for building foundational knowledge including case-based teaching, up-to-date guidelines, embedded multimedia, additional expert content and detailed case summaries.

Enhanced Support for Developing Clinical Reasoning Skills

Our enhanced Clinical Reasoning Toolbar, available on laptop and mobile devices, includes support for tracking key findings, differential diagnoses, and customized notes as well as illness scripts, summary statements and more.

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Embedded Assessment Support

You’ll find the same embedded support for formative assessment including frequent interactive, multiple-choice questions.

Improved Reporting

Educators will enjoy the benefits of streamlined, rotation-specific reporting, helping them to monitor both individual student and cohort progress, provide LCME-required mid-rotation feedback, support grading and student remediation, and enabling site-comparability data reporting.

Available June 1, 2017 for the following MedU courses:

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*WISE-MD and WISE-OnCall will be accessed from the MedU portal via the new log-in process, but the learning experience will not change.  These courses will continue on the WISE learning platform and  are not yet mobile accessible.  

Training Coming Soon

Check back for more information and training opportunities.


When will MedU courses be available via the new learning management system (LMS)?

MedU courses will be available on the new LMS starting June 1, 2017.

What new functionality will students experience?

All the features you and your students have come to know and love in MedU courses will still be available in a streamlined user interface, including note taking, the clinical reasoning toolbar, embedded assessment questions, interactive dialogue boxes, case-based multimedia, expert comments and up-to-date references and guidelines. The same great case content will be there as well, continuously updated as determined during our regular case review and updating protocols.  In fact, we’ve just completed a full round of course reviews in preparation for our launch. Additionally your students will now be able to access their courses anytime/anywhere via their Apple or Android device.  

Will all MedU courses be available on the new LMS?

CLIPP, CORE, fmCASES, CARE, web-GEMs, DX: Diagnostic Excellence, and High Value Care will all be available on the new LMS, and will feature the new streamlined user interface and native mobile anytime/anywhere capabilities.   WISE-MD and WISE-OnCall will be accessed from the MedU portal via the new log-in process, but will be delivered via the WISE LMS and will not yet be mobile accessible.   

Will my students automatically be transferred to the new LMS beginning June 1?

No. Your institution will control when your students begin to access their cases via the new LMS, and some standard institutional set-up work will be required.

What will our program need to do in order to access the courses in the new LMS?

There will be a new log-in, and new procedures for setting up your courses,  granting permissions, and uploading student rosters.  MedU will provide detailed instructions and training to facilitate this transition.  We recommend that the course set-up procedure begin early  in order to ensure a smooth transition for the start of your next clerkship rotation.

When should courses be started in the new LMS?

We recommend that you plan to set up your courses in the new LMS in early June  in a manner that best aligns with the start of a clerkship or course.  In order to ensure the most consistent student experience, we recommend that you avoid transferring your students to the new LMS in the middle of a clerkship or course.  Note: MedU’s legacy LMS (CASUS) will no longer  be available for new user registrations beginning June 1, 2017. Any new courses/rotations after that date will need to  be set up in the new LMS.

What if I have a course or clerkship that begins on or very close to June 1?

For courses or clerkships beginning on or around June 1 we highly recommend that you take advantage of our LMS training in May and contact our staff at that time who can answer your questions and ensure a smooth transition process.

What if my program has clerkship rotations that start before June 1 and end after July 1 ?

While no new courses should be started in MedU’s legacy learning management system (CASUS) after June 1, students will be able to complete courses in progress in the MedU’s legacy LMS (CASUS).

What new functionality will administrators experience?

There will be new log-ins, improved administrative roles and permissions, and streamlined course set-up procedures.  Additionally administrators will enjoy the benefits of improved rotation-specific reporting, helping them to monitor individual student and cohort progress and usage, provide LCME-required mid-rotation feedback, plan courses, and support grading.  Detailed information and training will be available in May.

Will I be able to access past reports on case usage at my institution once I move to the new LMS?

Yes. Your prior log data reports in  the legacy  MedU LMS( CASUS) will be available  through November 1.   We recommend that you download any reports that you would like to save before that date.

Will previous student performance data migrate to the new LMS?

No. Student performance and usage data and reports from the legacy LMS will not migrate to the new LMS.  Programs that wish to archive student performance and usage reports should download them from MedU’s legacy LMS (CASUS) at the end of their last course in the system.

Will reports be accessible from the new native mobile application of the new LMS?

While students will be able to access and work on their courses through the native mobile application, the reporting and administrative features are not mobile-enabled at this time.

Will my old password and log-in still work?

Your old password and log-in will not work in the new LMS.  You will be prompted to set up a new log-in and password when you register for the new LMS.

Will single sign-on to the courses be available from my institution’s LMS?

Not at this time.

When can I demo a case in the new LMS?

Demo cases will be available on in May.

What are the system requirements for the new LMS?

Because the LMS is built using web standards, the program runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.

  • Supported Operating Systems include:  Windows 7 and newer; Mac OSX 10.6 and newer; Linux; ChromeOS

  • Mobile Operating System Native App Support: iOS 7 and newer (versions vary by device); Android 4.4 and newer

  • Computer Speed and Processor: Best experienced on a computer 5 years old or newer; 1GB of RAM; 2GHz processor

  • Browsers Supported: Internet Explorer 11; Safari 9 and 10 (Macintosh only); Chrome 55 and 56; Firefox 50 and 51

How do I learn about/sign up for training?

Please check back here for details.

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