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learningCovering nationally accepted curricula, MedU’s virtual patient cases are developed using a consistent, interactive approach. Focused on learning, not grades, cases offer a safe place for in-depth exploration and clinical reasoning practice. Frequent feedback keeps you on track.

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Things to Know About MedU Cases

Case Structure
Each case consists of multiple pages or “cards” (on average 23) containing information important to the diagnosis and management of the patient(s). The ‘Case Summary” card appears at the end of each case. You must click past this card to the “Summary of your case session” screen in order for the system to consider the case completed.

Engaged Learning
In most cases you are asked to write a summary statement that challenges you to integrate your findings and diagnostic thinking and to communicate key patient information concisely and efficiently. We added a clinical reasoning toolbar to encourage active processing by making it easier for you to note key findings and develop differential diagnoses. Instructors are able to view and provide feedback on your summary statements.

Cutting Edge Learning
Recent advances in cognitive psychology have significantly improved our understanding of "brain-friendly" learning.  MedU students get the benefit of our cutting-­edge advances in the rapidly changing field of multimedia learning. We have made the following cognitive improvements to our cases to incorporate new research and optimize learning:

  • Minimized extraneous content to reduce cognitive load
  • Increased the use of headings, color, and font to emphasize different types of information
  • Replaced long paragraphs of text with learner-­‐paced segments and bulleted lists
  • Increased the use of tables to make it easier to compare and contrast material
  • Incorporated hide-­‐and-­‐reveal links to optimize working memory

Please Give Us Feedback

MedU constantly adds, updates and improves virtual patient cases. That work relies on feedback from the entire MedU community – students especially. Let us know what’s working – what content is most compelling, what features keep you engaged, what feedback is most helpful. And, of course, let us know where you see room for improvement. Send your thoughts and ideas to