Leslie- Leah Y - June 2014


The Family Medicine Computer-Assisted Simulations for Educating Students (fmCASES) is MedU's virtual patient program for the Family Medicine clerkship.  

fmCASES's 40 interactive virtual patient cases encompass the learning objectives of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum. Case content also draws heavily from other projects in which STFM played a central role, including Family Medicine Curriculum Resources (FMCR) and the Future of Family Medicine. An fmCASES subscription includes 5 CLIPP and 2 SIMPLE cases, which help to cover the Family Medicine core learning objectives. fmCASES builds clinical competency, fills educational gaps, and helps instill the core values and attitudes of family medicine, fostering self-directed and independent study, developing clinical problem-solving skills, and teaching an evidence-based and patient-centered approach to patient care.

You may also be interested in exploring the Culture in Health Care and Medical Home courses, developed to give learners additional exposure to complex issues such as culture in health care, family-centered partnerships, systems-based practice, professionalism, the doctor-patient relationship, navigating the health care system, and caring for children with chronic illnesses.


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