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Student Engagement Meter

Posted: 08 Jul 17:04

Norm - Elyse Y - May 2014

Engagement meter
Research in on-line learning suggests that the isolated on-line learning environment may not inherently foster self-regulated learning and engagement. Promoting engagement is important because there is a strong connection between engagement and academic outcomes. Empirical data from student use of MedU tells us that many students are not engaged. Often schools are using student time on a case as a surrogate for engagement, but we know this is not a meaningful indicator of engagement.

To address these shortcomings, MedU has developed an engagement score, based on student actions within the virtual patient cases.

MedU has used its large number of case completions in developing a metric that actually reflects student engagement. The new engagement meter will be visible to students as they progress through cases. Students will see a "traffic light" indicator, showing red, yellow, or green depending on their level of engagement. Instructors will see the same red, yellow, or green indicator in the Student Reports section. For now, time spent on each case will also be displayed.

Learn how the engagement meter works.  


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