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Posted: 25 Jun 01:26

Jenny Y - May 2014

JL 6/29/13 Still tweaking. The tool inventory table is not iphone-friendly. And also even in large format the column headings are not uniform; but I can't figure out what's wrong with them. 

We offer an array of resources created to optimize teaching and learning with MedU virtual patient cases. Many are geared to helping educators emphasize key content presented in the cases; others are designed for formative and/or summative assessment.

While several were developed originally by educators for use in a particular course, feel free to explore them all! There is no reason a tool built for one course cannot be adapted for use in any of the other courses. In fact, we would welcome your ideas on how you may have done this in your own teaching!

Case Summaries     CLIPP       CORE       fmCASES       SIMPLE

A comprehensive case summary is available for each case. Use these for course planning.

Case summaries include:
  • Learning objectives for each case, based on the learning objectives of the discipline's national curriculum
  • A summary of the clinical scenario
  • Key clinical findings in the case
  • Differential diagnosis and final diagnosis
  • Key teaching points for each case, including the teaching points for the major curricular objectives and the clinical reasoning surrounding the key findings and differential diagnosis.

A printable case summary is made available to students at the completion of each case.

Case Analysis Tool     CLIPP      fmCASES      SIMPLE

Assess your students' clinical reasoning development and provide individualized feedback.

Use of the tool assists the student in acquiring sound medical decision-making skills and allows the clerkship director to assess his or her clinical reasoning development and provide individualized feedback. 

The case analysis tool may be used in conjunction with CLIPP, fmCASES, and SIMPLE courses. A few educators have even found it useful for helping students organize their thoughts about their non-virtual patients! Learn more.

Questions for Further Consideration    CLIPP

Discover ways to encourage student exploration of key topics introduced in CLIPP cases.

Our catalog of questions—searchable by case or by topic—includes areas such as:
  • Basic science correlation
  • Social impact of medical condition
  • Public health / epidemiology / statistics
  • Medicolegal issues / ethics
  • Communication

and others, including learning objectives in the COMSEP curriculum that are not explicitly taught in CLIPP cases. Learn more.

Final Exams     CLIPP_SM     CORE_SM     fmCASES_SM     

MedU offers final exams and scoring services in paper and online format for both the CLIPP, fmCASES, and CORE courses. 

Classroom Flipping Workshops    CORE_SM

Need ideas for how to use the "inverted classroom" in your course or clerkship? See how the model works in teaching radiology using the MedU cases.

Engage your students. Expand their knowledge base. Make learning collaborative. Learn more                           

Summary Statement Feedback      CLIPP_SM      fmCASES_SM      SIMPLE_SM

Identifying, interpreting, and summarizing key findings is a fundamental clinical skill. View your students' summary statements and give formative feedback (via email or in the case log) in real-time.

At some point in almost every case, students are asked to summarize their findings in a summary statement. The summary statement feedback tool allows a designated instructor or faculty member to review student summary statements in MedU cases and provide them with online feedback. Learn more                          

User's Guide      CORE_SM

This is a key resource for instructors of the CORE course. The Users Guide includes an index of learning objectives for each of the cases, suggestions about how to integrate the cases into your teaching, and a list of additional educational resources. 

Clinical Practice Guidelines     CLIPP      CORE      fmCASES      SIMPLE

These modules on clinical practice guidelines are core content for MedU cases. Learn more about Cholesterol & Hypertension Recommendations and more