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The Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP) is MedU's virtual patient program for the pediatrics clerkship.

CLIPPCLIPP's 32 interactive virtual patient cases are designed to encompass the learning objectives of the Council On Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP) curriculum comprehensively. CLIPP, used mostly by third-year medical students, is an excellent learning tool for health care professionals.

CLIPP instructors should be aware that an fmCASES subscription includes 5 CLIPP and 2 SIMPLE cases, so they may occasionally encounter students who have had prior exposure to an assigned case.

Subscribers may also be interested in exploring the Culture in Health Care and Medical Home courses, developed to give learners additional exposure to complex issues such as culture in health care, family-centered partnerships, systems-based practice, professionalism, the doctor-patient relationship, navigating the health care system, and caring for children with chronic illnesses.  

  • Case 1: Evaluation and care of the newborn infant - Thomas (Stephen Tinguely, M.D. University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

  • Case 2: Infant well-child (2, 6, and 9 months) - Asia (Edward K. Clark, M.D. Mercer University School of Medicine)

  • Case 3: 3-year-old well-child check - Benjamin (David Kwee, M.D. Morehouse School of Medicine)

  • Case 4: 8-year-old well-child check - Jimmy (Heather M. Taylor, M.D. University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences)

  • Case 5: 16-year-old girl’s health maintenance visit - Betsy (Kirsten Hawkins, M.D. Georgetown University School of Medicine)

  • Case 6: 16-year-old boy's presport physical - Mike (Ken Cheyne, M.D. University of Iowa College of Medicine)

  • Case 7: Newborn with respiratory distress - Adam (Harold Bland, M.D. Florida State University)

  • Case 8: 6-day-old with jaundice - Meghan (Joan Connell, M.D. University of North Dakota)

  • Case 9: 2-week-old with lethargy - Crimson (Katherine Wagner, M.D. Case Western Reserve University)

  • Case 10: 6-month-old with a fever - Holly (Denise Fitzsimon-Hawkes, M.D. Texas Tech, University of Health Sciences Center)

  • Case 11: 5-year-old with fever and adenopathy - Jason (Pradip Patel, M.D. University of Louisville School of Medicine)

  • Case 12: 10-month-old with a cough - Anna (Christina V. Scirica, M.D. Harvard Medical School)

  • Case 13: 6-year-old with chronic cough - Sunita (Glenn Medellin, M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine)

  • Case 14: 18-month-old with congestion - Rebecca (W. Scott Jones, M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences)

  • Case 15: Two siblings with vomiting–Caleb (age 4 years) and Ben (age 8 weeks) (Deborah Kees-Folts, M.D. Penn State College of Medicine)

  • Case 16: 7-year-old with abdominal pain and vomiting - Isabella (Soumaya Adhikari, M.D. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

  • Case 17: 4-year-old refusing to walk - Emily (Stacey Bernstein, M.D., FRCPC University of Toronto)

  • Case 18: 2-week-old with poor feeding - Tyler (Jamie Sutherell, M.D., M.Ed. Saint Louis University School of Medicine

  • Case 19: 16-month-old with a first seizure - Ian (Michael Barone, M.D. Johns Hopkins University)

  • Case 20: 7-year-old with headaches - Nicholas (Lavjay Butani, M.D. UC Davis Children's Hospital)

  • Case 21: 6-year-old boy with bruising - Alex (Carrie Phillipi, M.D. Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine)

  • Case 22: 16-year-old with abdominal pain - Mandy (Heidi Sallee, M.D. Saint Louis University School of Medicine)

  • Case 23: 15-year-old with lethargy and fever - Sarah (Denise Salerno, M.D. Temple University School of Medicine)

  • Case 24: 2-year-old with altered mental status - Madelyn (Harris Burstin, M.D. New York University)

  • Case 25: 2-month-old with apnea - Jeremy (Amy Fleming, M.D. Vanderbilt)

  • Case 26: 9-week-old with failure to thrive - Bobby (Mitzi Scotten, M.D. The University of Kansas Medical Center)

  • Case 27: 8-year-old with abdominal pain - Jenny (Jocelyn Schilller, M.D. University of Michigan Health Center)

  • Case 28: 18-month-old with developmental delay - Anton (Katherine Murray, M.D. University of Minnesota)

  • Case 29: Infant with hypotonia - Daniel (Alicia Freedy, M.D. Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine)

  • Case 30: 2-year-old with sickle cell disease - Gerardo (Roger Berkow, M.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  • Case 31: 5-year-old with puffy eyes - Katie (Wayne Waz, M.D. SUNYT Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)

  • Case 32: 5-year-old girl with rash - Lauren (Mark Fergeson, M.D. University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine)