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CARE screenshotThe Course on Addiction and Recovery Education (CARE) is a collaboration between MedU and world-class addiction treatment organizations, the Betty Ford Center (a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and Treatment Research Institute (TRI). Substance use disorders and addiction is a growing problem in the health care system. The lack of formal education surrounding this topic has left many practicing physicians and healthcare professionals inadequately prepared to assess, intervene, manage, and treat patients.  

Several virtual patient cases and 14 video modules have been created to focus on the most common and critical addiction and substance use topics that medical students and healthcare professionals need to be prepared to address. These modules and videos are designed to be used in conjunction with or as stand-alone segments in current medical school curriculums.

  • Case 1: Pregnancy and Alcohol Use (Mark Schwartz, MD Princeton)

  • Case 2: Adolescents and Cannabis Use (Sharon Levy, MD, MPH Harvard)

  • Case 3: Pain Management (Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD Veterans Administration Cincinnati)

  • Case 4: Alcohol Withdrawal (Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD Veterans Administration Cincinnati)

  • Case 5: Stimulant Use Disorder (Sharon Levy, MD, MPH Harvard)

  • Case 6: Intravenous Heroin Use and HIV/Hepatitis C (Mark Schwartz, MD Princeton)

  • Video: Video: Conceptual Approaches of Treating Substance Use in the US (Thomas McLellan, MD)

  • Video: Neurobiology of Addiction: Conflict Between Brain Circuits (Nora Volkow, MD)

  • Video: Effective Clinical Skills When Working With Drug Abusing Adolescents (H. Westley Clark, MD)

  • Video: Psychiatric Comorbidity (Kathleen Brady, MD, PhD)

  • Video: Pain and Its Management (Seddon Savage, MD, MS)

  • Video: Are Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders Genetic? (Mark Shuckit, MD)

  • Video: Neurobiology of Addiction: Incentive Salience, Reward Deficit, Stress Surfeit, Executive Function Disorder (George Koob, MD)

  • Video: Evidence Based Behavioral Therapies (James McKay, PhD)

  • Video: Delivering Brief Motivational Interventions That Work (Theresa Moyers, PhD)

  • Video: Substance Use Disorders and the Pregnant Patient (Hendree Jones, PhD)

  • Video: Overview of Treatment (Carlos Tirado, MD, MPH)

  • Video: Epidemiology of Addiction (Linda Cottler, PhD)

  • Video: Medication in the Treatment of Addiction (H. Westley Clark, MD)

  • Video: Substance Abuse Professionals (H. Westley Clark, MD)