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Key Features Exam Now Available For MedU SIMPLE Subscribers


MedU is pleased to announce the availability of an Internal Medicine key features exam!

A key feature is defined as a critical step that is necessary for the successful resolution of a clinical problem (Page, Bordage & Allen, 1995). The Key Features Exam (KFE) was developed to assess students’ ability to make decisions at critical steps in a case. In the SIMPLE KFE, a case vignette is followed by 1–5 questions with an extended list of options (typically 20-25) probing the key features of the case. A novel scoring system allows the student to select mulitple correct responses, while giving approprieate credit for all correct options. This creates an exam that students feel is a more authentic assessment of their clinical experiences.

Teams developed the exam using iterative identification of the key features, blueprinting into 4 forms, and external peer review.  The exams were then piloted for one year at 8 institutions across the country.  


This exam is available at no additional cost with a SIMPLE subscription. 

More information about key features and the SIMPLE Key Features exam

To sign up for the SIMPLE Key Features Exam, please contact Lydia Sachs.


Meet the Key Features Development Group

Georges Bordage, MD, PhD - Project Consultant


Valerie J. Lang, MD - Principal Investigator

Amy Holthouser, MD - Project Leader

Kirk Bronander, MD 

Heather Harrell, MD 

Regina Kovach, MD 


Sandra Monteiro, MD - Statistical Consultant



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