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MedU is a nonprofit dedicated to delivering the best health care education through collaborative development and research into innovative, high impact virtual teaching and learning methods. We develop virtual patient cases designed by the nation’s leading medical educators to help students acquire much needed critical reasoning, diagnostic, and communication skills.

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More than 200 medical schools subscribe to MedU’s virtual patient cases and educator’s toolbox. Learn more.

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Gain medical knowledge & clinical reasoning skills with MedU’s virtual patient cases. Learn more.

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Each year, more than 40,000 students take MedU courses and complete over 1,000,000 virtual cases. Take a look at what we have to offer.

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New from MedU

DX CourseDiagnostic Excellence Pilot Course

The six virtual patient cases that comprise our DX: Diagnostic Excellence course contain foundational content about diagnosis, including the factors that contribute to diagnostic error and the strategies to use to avoid error. It introduces students to the cognitive processes and system-related issues that can lead to errors.

Demo a DX Case Now.

Learn more and subscribe for the '17/'18 academic year.

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March 19-22: AAIM/CDIM, Baltimore, MD (SIMPLE)

March 29-April 4: COMSEP, Portland, OR (CLIPP)

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